CSAS Traffic Stewards

Community Safety Accreditation Schemes (CSAS) are a means by which the Chief Constable of a police force in the U.K. may grant a range of police powers to employees of non-police organisations who contribute towards community safety.

SFM were one of the first companies to be accredited within the London and Surrey areas and up until recently the only company to cover the entire Metropolitan Police Service area. Now also accredited in the Thames Valley and Essex.

Our CSAS Accreditation means that our Traffic Stewards legally have the powers to control traffic and to request names and addresses for road traffic offences. This is invaluable for staff working on road closures within an event area. It is also a requirement for some situations in which traffic needs to be stopped or manually re-directed.

Our CSAS personnel wear distinctive hi-viz attire and their CSAS accreditation at all times.

SFM CSAS Traffic Stewards
SFM CSAS Traffic Stewards

To allow SFM to have CSAS accredited traffic personnel, we need to be checked and cleared by the NPCC - National Police Chief Council. We have just renewed our clearance and have now been accredited since 2011.

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